Meet the Farmers

Dylan and Sarah Cooper

Our Start Up Story

Sarah and Dylan love microgreens. On Christmas Day 2020 they began the journey of growing microgreens for themselves and others, with two racks and some lights. Together, they co-founded Cloud Microgreens, combining Sarah's passion for growing healthy, nutrient dense foods with Dylan's background as a plant scientist and entrepreneur.

The Farm

Indoor Vertical FarmMarch 2021

Our microfarm is urban, GMO, pesticide and fertilizer free, and uses energy efficient LED lights. Microgreens are grown in a climate-controlled environment to produce weekly harvests. The farmers monitor temperature, humidity, and air circulation to produce the optimal environment for our plants to grow. You'll be able to tell by the quality of the microgreens.

If you are located in South Central or South Eastern Wisconsin, contact us to schedule a weekly microgreen delivery service.

Experience the health benefits yourself.